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Infinity Racing - Time Attack

Totally Amazed !!!

I had been using another brand of intercooler and found in competition I couldnt keep the charge temps down, which hindered me all year, because when the charge temp increases the ignition is retarded to protect engine, and we lose power!!

We tried various designs and sizes, none of which gave us what we were looking for. - Then someone suggested I spoke to Pete at Spec R.

Pete is a very knowlegable guy when it comes to coolers and we soon had one of his units in the car to try.
So down to Bruntingthorpe to give it a go and take some readings, and with over a mile straight and flat out we soon realised this was the best mod we had ever done!!

Charge temps never got above 32* and this was also on a hot summer day, also the recovery rate was just amazing!! as soon as off throttle,the temps dropped dramatically!!

Not only the intercooler was the best we have had on the car, its only 1/2 the size of anything else on the market that can even come close to those figuers, leaving much more room upfront for oil coolers/ air intakes etc. 
If you are looking to keep your charge temps down, giving you more constant power, then look no further than Spec R.

Not only the best we have tried the workmanship is second to none!!!

Thanks Pete
Dave Jackson - Infinity Racing