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Darin Frow (Founder of the Mitsubushi Lancer Register)

My name is Darin Frow.  I started the MLR (Mitsubishi Lancer Register) the UK based club for the Lancer Evo in late 1996, which is when I first met Pete and Spec-R. 

I still run the MLR today and have seen it grow over the years to become one of the most active clubs in the UK, offering members a huge calendar of events including trackdays, Sprints, shows and has been instrumental in devising and introducing unique events such as the MLR500 and 30-130. The MLR now produces evolution magazine which is available in WHSmiths and other high street outlets, and also manages one of the busiest Evo websites/forums on the planet; www.lancerregister.com  where Spec-R are one of our many official traders, offering great deals throughout their product range to all members.

I've known Pete since he started Spec-R back in the 90's - through the ups and the downs - but his workmanship and products have always been the best you can buy. That's what you'd expect from bespoke handmade performance polished alloy in comparison to the mass produced shiny parts you can buy elsewhere.

Spec-R products don't just look great but offer proven performance advantages over not only the standard OE parts but also the aftermarket 'upgraded' variants too.  In my personal opinion, if you want the best products for your car there's no point in looking anywhere else - and incredibly Spec-R products are not always the most expensive either, so it's actually possible to get more than what you pay for!!