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Duncan Clare

Age :44

Focus RS mk2 full spec

Reg:  DU59 CAN

Long standing member of the RSOC and over the years I have gone from chairman of the northants group to Focus Rs mk1 and mk2 registrar plus even on the RSOC committee.

I have had my focus mk2 for 1 ½ years and over that time I have tried to put together what I believe to be a good spec for track and road and I am a great believer in do it once and do it right and that is why I chose Pete at spec R to sort out all the cars cooling and as you can see from the pics what a great job he has done.

On track even on a hot day and with my foot hard down the temps stayed well with in the limits and so I could get on having fun and not worry about the car.

The cars spec (but its bound to change)

  • Revo stage 4+ (425bhp)
  • SPEC-R Intercooler
  • SPEC-R Hard pipe kit
  • SPEC-R Oil cooler Kit c/w thermostat
  • SPEC-R Radiator
  • SPEC-R Intake Cross over pipe
  • SPEC-R Header Tank c/w Sight Glass
  • SPEC-R Remote Power Steering Kit c/w Sight Glass   
  • SPEC-R Header Tank Cap          
  • Anembo inlet manifold
  • Roose hoses
  • Mountune 6 pots front brake kit
  • Rear brake kit
  • Supperlegera 9 x19 / comp 9 x 18 with R888 265 tyres for track
  • Bilstein pss10 coil over kit
  • Helix 5 paddle clutch kit with fly wheel
  • White line anti drive kit
  • Rear anti roll bar

Oil breather kit about to go on and may be in time it will get a forged engine and bigger turbo and push for 550 bhp 


Video link from Ford Fair last year showing the car on track.