200mphcosworthSPEC-R were proud to supply parts for the Worlds Fastest Sierra RS Cosworth. 

Below you will find details from the www.FastestCosworth.com website.

'The Worlds fastest street legal Cosworth - became the first Cosworth to exceed 200mph reaching 201.8mph on the 16th September 2004 at Bruntingthorpe Testing Ground, it was my 59th birthday, what a present. The record was raised to 206.1 mph at Woodbridge airstrip on the 20th August 2005. An attempt on this record was made on 13th October 2005 also at Woodbridge airstrip during a shoot for 5th Gear TV programme.  Despite very wet conditions and wheel spin up to 185 mph a speed of 206.0mph was achieved.

After a long period of development my car is set to have another attempt with 214mph the  target we have set, its a tough one! The car is running the following SPEC-R components;-


  • SPEC-R Dump valve
  • SPEC-R  Intercooler
  • SPEC-R Radiator
  • SPEC-R Turbo Radiator
  • SPEC-R Header Tank

Why we use SPEC-R...

I started using SPEC-R 15 years ago because the standard of workmanship  seemed a class above other fabricators .  In 2009 M.A.Developments were developing an 800bhp engine for my Sierra Cosworth & SPEC-R were asked to design an intercooler/radiator/Turbo cooler to cope with this Power.  It was so successful that  the Water injection system  is no longer required.  The under-bonnet  view with its Spec-r products in Gloss Black look incredible and have been proven to work as good as they look.

Rod Tarry - owner of the World’s Fastest RS Cosworth