Ford Focus RS MK2

Stathi Messaris & Theo Syriopoulos – Syriops, Sydney Australia

This vehicle is our very own demo car, who’s aim is not only to be unique in terms of modification but also to showcase Syriops’ quality of work and meticulous attention to detail.

The vehicle has completed it’s stage one of modifications which includes:

A complete Spec-R suite of cooling products. We are the Australian Distributors for Spec-R gear which is all hand made straight out of the United Kingdom. Spec-R make items for Ford, Honda, Mitsubishi, Nissan, Peugeot and Subaru to name a few. We chose Spec-R as our partner due to their premium product specification. Due to our much warmer climate here in Australia, our main concern was to keep temperatures in check. As any enthusiast knows, temperatures are a killer on performance. Spec-R assisted us in achieving this goal. As of installing the cooling gear, we have noticed no increase in coolant temperatures, and a much faster recovery rate from our intercooler. Multiple runs in a dyno session are proof of this. Their ancillary equipment – header tanks and the like are second to none in both quality of fit and finish but also in ease of use with their renowned sight glass which makes checking levels an easy and more importantly accurate task.

The vehicle is fitted with the following Spec-R gear:


Hard Pipe Kit

Dual Core Radiator

Oil cooler (system modified for Australian conditions after consultation with us here at Syriops).

Bespoke Header tank with sight glass

Bespoke Power Steering Reservoir, with sight glass

Rear Intake Pipe

The vehicle is also running a Mountune MR375 upgrade kit (the only one in Australia to date).

Presently, the vehicle is producing 253kW and 530Nm at the hubs. Enough for it to return a 0-100 time of five seconds flat.