Terry Gibbs

The Focus RS Mk2 was purchased brand new back in September 2010, and from that day the modding started.

The car has taken on it own theme consisting of the colour scheme White, Black and Yellow which are the main colours adopted by Mountune who are a very well knows Tuners based in Essex.

Lots of money and patience has gone into achieving the car I own today and it's a far cry from the original motor I picked up from the Fords Dealership.

Some of the main mods that have been carried out are a full Mountune themed interior install, A Mountune Big Brake Kit, and the rest of the list is endless.  

Having achieved the my goal of installing the Focus RS Mk2 with the Mountune MR375 I needed to take my car one step further without changing to much.

I pondered with many idea's and finally had the answer and that was purchasing a larger and better built SPEC-R Intercooler and Hard Pipe Kit.

This got installed and immediately you could feel the difference in performance, harder and smoother acceleration, the turbo spun more freely added to this was a raw increase in the induction noise that sounded just awesome.  

Further SPEC-R kit was purchased on the belief that I was adding quality to my car at the same time making the engine bay more aesthetically pleasing to the eye.

A purpose hand built Header Tank and Power Steering Reservoir together with a nice little designed SPEC-R Bracket this has now completed my under bonnet modifications for now.