Alloy Oil Breather/Separator - Mitsubishi Evo 7,8,9

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Description Designed to, via an internal baffle, separate oil/air and reduce crank case pressure. (Highly polished to Spec-R's high standard) Spec-r Alloy 3.5" Diameter Oil Breather/Seperator,Complete with Internal Baffle to seperate the Oil & Air leaving oil in base and allowing cleaner air to pass-on through. Drain bung on conicle base to drain oil.Sight tube on side to view any deposits in tank. would come as standard with 9mm(-6) inlet x1 or 2 from camcover and 15mm(-10) outlet. IF require differant sizes of inlet/outlet to suit your application,we can do this at no extra cost.Please state when ordering thank you.


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