sight glass articleSPEC-R Sight Glass

SPEC-R Sight Glass designed by founder Peter fulke-Greville in the later part of the nineties.

After a period of manufacturing alloy header tanks, not just for the fast road market but for the race market too, the thought came to mind on a number of occasions that a race is won and lost in the blink of an eye and every second counts.

So when a car is coming into the pits with an overheating problem the first thing you turn to is the header tank to see if you have water inside which could be the cause of the problem, but by the time you've depressurized the system to check vital seconds are passing by!.

So Peter had to think how this could be made easier and how to save vital time. To just glance at the sight glass and find that all is OK you can then put your mind straight onto oil etc.

The Spec-R Sight Glass was born and since then Spec-R's Sight Glass has been incorporated not just onto Water Systems but dry sump tanks, power steering reservoirs etc. So from those early days to today's racecars & supercars Spec-R's famous Sight Glass is out in front, even Julian Godfrey (2011/12 British Rally Cross champion) with his awesome 600bhp 800lb ft torque powered RallyX Supercar has fitted along with other Spec-R goodies, a Spec-R Header Tank c/w sight Glass! Also Rod Tarry with his 206.1mph record holding MADevelopments 1000bhp sapphire Cosworth has a home for a Spec-R Header Tank and P/S Res c/w Sight Glass plus other Spec-r Products.

We all know what a pounding those cars take, so to say we are very proud of her is an understatement.

Shes Petes baby and rightly so.